New video content featuring volunteers from various organizations throughout Germany is continuously being uploaded to the media library. Here, impressions are gathered on the topic of volunteer work in civil protection and disaster assistance.

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    Volunteering – More than just an Office (2022) (8 VIDEOS)

    In this series, Laura Gehlhaar interviews eight volunteers from all over Germany from various aid organizations. We explore the question: “What does volunteering actually give you back?” and get a personal impression into the everyday life of a volunteer.

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  • And Action! On Site in Volunteer Work

    And Action! – On Site in Volunteer Work (4 VIDEOS)

    What do you actually do as a volunteer firefighter? And what is the function of an emergency chaplain? Our presenters Ilka Brühl and Vreni Frost follow our volunteers for one mission and show a look behind the scenes.

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  • Podcastcover mit den Porträts von Claudia, Mareike Alan, Klaus und Daniel

    Voluntarily Busy – The Video Podcast about Volunteering (6 VIDEOS)

    In our podcast episodes, volunteers talk about their day-to-day volunteering. Host Luisa L’Audace talks to two volunteers each.

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    Volunteers In Interview (2021) (8 VIDEOS)

    Our moderators get to know our volunteers by talking about their volunteer work.

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